<p>When looks and functionality come together Nightlife is a powerful events directory theme that will allow you to resume full control over all created events, posts and pages. Great thing about Nightlife is that enables both you (the admin) and regular visitors to submit content. On top of that the theme is entirely responsive, meaning it will look great on pretty much all screen sizes. Most Nightlife features are powered by the Tevolution plugin which comes bundled with the theme. Some of the stuff you can expect to see in Nightlife… Visitors can submit events Along with the ability to add events from the WordPress dashboard, they can also be added by visitors browsing the website. Don’t worry, you can moderate the submissions. Easy homepage management Most of the content you see on the Nightlife homepage are actually widgets. Moving them around is as simple as drag n’ drop. Recurring events Set the start/end date and the occurrence and the theme will automatically generate all events in between. Recurring events are available to both the admin and visitors. Customize the submission form Each field you see inside the submission form can be modified inside the theme’s extensive back-end section. There are several field types provided. Facebook integration Visitors unwilling to register can just login with Facebook. They can also connect their Nightlife accounts with a Facebook page and stream events directly from Facebook. Create a multilingual site Using WPML you can setup a multilingual city directory where visitors can change the default language per their requirements. Bulk upload/export Nightlife makes it easy to import events from another site using .csv files. Along with bulk importing, exporting and even updating are available as well. Maintain a regular ol’ blog No worries, we didn’t forget about the blog. Starting a blog with this advanced theme is as easy as creating a new category and adding some posts to it, no further tweaking necessary. Setup promotions using coupons The included coupon module will allow you to offer discounts for created price packages. This will for sure come in handy early in the sites’s life-cycle. Custom register page Using just the back-end you can create your own unique register page. Add just the fields you want the visitors to fill; no unnecessary fluff. How to make money with Nightlife? Price package power The primary way to make money with this events directory theme is… <a class=”moretag” href=””>Read more »</a></p><p>The post <a href=””>Nightlife</a> appeared first on <a href=””>Templatic</a>.</p><img src=”” height=”1″ width=”1″/>

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