How do we provide theme support?

<p>Support is extremely important to us here at Templatic. So important in fact that almost 50% of all of us at Templatic work on helping you get the most out of the purchased product. With that in mind, have you ever wondered exactly how is theme support provided? If yes, this blog post is for you. In the next few paragraphs I’ll outline the tools and techniques I myself and most of us at Templatic use to help you guys. Hopefully some of tips shared here will help you while troubleshooting issues in the future. My approach (to a problem not reported before) Checking the theme and WordPress version – when you encounter a problem and notice that the WordPress/theme version you’re using isn’t exactly new, update. Even if it doesn’t solve the problem it will help us in locating the source since we’re all testing on latest versions of both WordPress and the theme Checking the plugins – cliche, I know, but for a reason. We realize plugins are important and most of the times they’ll work fine, however there are times when you just have to deactivate all of them to see what’s up. If you’re wondering how many plugins is too many, check out this WPBeginner post Checking the forums – Templatic forums are an awesome source when troubleshooting, even for us. I myself use them often when the issue sounds familiar but I don’t remember the actual fix. Checking the console – sometimes your browser can help you determine which file is causing problems. To open up the console in Chrome hit CTRL + SHIFT + J on Windows or Command + Option + J on Mac Google – in cases where the issue isn’t theme-related and something is actually up with WordPress, Google is my best friend. OK, that’s a lie, WordPress forums are my best friend! Tools/software that I use XAMPP XAMPP is a totally free (and open source) piece of software that basically allows you to turn your own PC in a server. Once installed, WordPress will work and behave the same way as on an actual online web host. Computer programs like XAMPP (alternatives include WAMP and MAMP) are ideal for learning and development. The fact you don’t need a domain and a (pricey) web host are likely the best reasons for trying out XAMPP. Using it has other benefits as well…… <a class=”moretag” href=””>Read more »</a></p><p>The post <a href=””>How do we provide theme support?</a> appeared first on <a href=””>Templatic</a>.</p><img src=”” height=”1″ width=”1″/>

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